Who is this Dax character?

The first question many people ask is 'Is Dax short for something?', and my general response is 'Nope, that is the name they gave me'. My name stems from a movie my mother saw called The Adventurer.The book is by Harold Robbins. She really liked this character in the movie whose name was Dax Xenos. Trust me, the book is not worth the read, and both my wife and I can attest to that. Regardless, that is how I got my name. Now about me. I am currently the director of technology at Marquette University Law School where my current responsibilities include working with a talented group of people, striving to make all experiences with technology enjoyable. I strive to enforce excellent customer service, and encourage everyone to love what they do on a daily basis. I work with three other amazing technologists, and at the end of the day, I can say that I love working in Eckstein Hall, Marquette Law School's new home. Previous to becoming director, I was the web manager for roughly four years at the Law School, designing, developing, and managing the overall production of the website.

I am passionate about the user experience. I am an advocate of excellent customer service. I think I am fun, happy, and energetic when it comes to designing and developing new projects, whether it be web, print, or bricks and mortar.

At the end of my day, I can say that I am very passionate about food, and cooking in particular. I am looking at ways to market my services in the kitchen, whether it be cooking for a couple, or cooking for many. I want others to take part in my passion, and try my recipes and food, as you can see with my personal project, SimpleComfortFood.com.

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